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Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis 

The Mini Tennis program is focused on teaching tennis to younger children starting from the age of 4, going up until the age of 10.

We work with the international tennis federation  (ITF) “Tennis 10’s” system.



From the age of 3 until 5 the children are at the Pink level. The basics of tennis are taught through series of entertaining activities covering areas of balance, focus and coordination with the racket and balls. The racket size at this level is 19"-21".



From the age of 5 until 8 the children are at the Red level. Here children play with red sponge balls and small courts, having an opportunity to practice different shots and teqniques, as well as have long rallies. The racket size at this level is 21".



From the age of 8 until 9 the children are at the Orange level. At this stage children play with orange balls on bigger courts, however not a full-sized court yet. This allows them to expand their ability to play a full game and practice their techniques adapting to the court.



From the age of 9 until 10 the children are at the Green level. Now children start playing on a full-size court with bigger rackets and green balls a bit softer than the full compression yellow balls. At this stage they can fully develop and implement their gained skills of the game.





The futures program is our fast track program for our aspiring mini tennis players. Just like the mini tennis program, our futures program is aimed at players under the age of 10, only the futures program is accessed on an invitiational basis.

The futures pathway is for our most dedicated players, wishing to persue a competitive level in tennis. An advanced level for the players age is required, along with the desire to commit more time to their weekly training program.

We have two futures levels which starts at the Orange level (7 years) and ends at the Green level (10 years).

Orange Futures Package


Green Futures Package